LLC " ATS - Ukraine" - an integrated approach to solving problems

LLC "ATS - Ukraine" - an integrated approach to solving problems

Designing greenhouses

The initial and main stage of greenhouse construction is the preparation of a package of design documentation for greenhouses and external networks, which will allow obtaining a building permit and controlling the entire supply of the greenhouse.

Construction of greenhouses

Specialists of our company professionally perform the whole complex of works on construction of modern industrial greenhouses. Installation of an industrial greenhouse on a turnkey basis in strictly coordinated terms.

Supply of equipment

Our company supplies modern greenhouse equipment directly from manufacturers. Climate control systems for greenhouses, heating systems for greenhouses and boiler equipment, drip irrigation and irrigation.

  • LLC "ATS - Ukraine" is a specialized enterprise in the field of engineering, supply and turnkey construction of modern greenhouse complexes. Over 10 years of experience, the company's employees have accumulated great knowledge and experience in the field of greenhouse technologies and construction. All this allows us to implement projects in the shortest possible time and with high quality of work.
  • LLC "ATS - Ukraine" carries out a comprehensive design of greenhouse complexes and boiler rooms, according to SNiIP Ukraine.
  • "ATS-Ukraine" LLC supplies and installs "turnkey" modern designs of industrial greenhouses of Venlo type (Russian and Venlo) of Russian and imported production, greenhouses with a span of 8; 9.6; 12 meters and the height of columns 4; 4.5; 5, 6 meters.
  • LLC " ATS - Ukraine" has exclusive contracts with the world's leading manufacturers and provides delivery of greenhouse equipment and installation of engineering systems for industrial greenhouses.

Greenhouse equipment and materials for the construction of industrial greenhouses are offered in a set, are high-quality and form a single modern greenhouse complex that provides high-efficiency production of vegetables, flowers and greens, in accordance with all agronomic requirements for industrial cultivation technology in protected (closed) soil.